Chris Brown Covers Notion Magazine

chris brown1

Chris Brown covered in suggestive white powder as he shows off toned abs on the cover of Notion, The star talks about his mistakes and being judged by people as he prepares to release his next album Royalty.

chris brown2
There’s no explanation why it’s there, and fans will no doubt speculate to it’s meaning. While it might be a sexually charged shoot, the Loyalty star got serious in the interview where he spoke about growing up and learning from his past “mistakes”.

The 26-year-old, who has named his seventh album Royalty after his daughter, admitted to the magazine he had changed.
“People make mistakes, I’ve made mistakes,” he said. “I’ve judged people who made mistakes, and they judge me back. The best part about it is me having to learn. “It was a great lesson for me to learn. I thank God he had something bigger for me to do.”
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Chris is as known for his angry outbursts and arrests as he is for his music, but referring to his chequered past the star said he wanted to use his struggles to inspire others.

“Right now I just want to inspire the world, because, with everything I went through, I kept my head up,” he explained. “And even for the people that turn their back against you as the outcast or the underdog..I love that.
chris brown
“Because it just makes me better when I earn my music and I earn awards and I earn my dancing and I earn being able to direct on my own videos. I feel like, that’s the only thing that man hasn’t given me and that’s the only thing that they can’t take away.”