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I thought we’ve spent two going to three months this semester, only to be reminded it’s just about a month out of the semester. It looked like a fast semester to me, all going swift-swaft-swift like one going through the pages of an uninteresting magazine. My time table isn’t favorable this semester, what about yours? Maybe mine will soon be when lecturers are closing up the chapters of the topics to be taken. I give myself kudos whenever I finish up my to-do list for the day. Even weekends don’t appear interesting again because for me it do consist of assignments to be submitted the next Monday, pile of dirty clothes to be washed on saturday, religious activity on Sunday and little or no time to relax and chill with friends. I know you also have your story to tell. Maybe I should just agree with someone that said its training-in-progress.

How I remember mornings with unfavorable atmospheric condition to gather momentum to rise off my bed. My weak bones become lazy at the dawn of the day, followed by battle between my ambition and my sleep. Eventually, I drag myself off the bed on capturing my lecturer’s angry face and his fist shutting up the door to my face on getting late to the lecture theatre. Then I realized the semester wasn’t actually moving fast, the stress of 8am to 6pm lecture made it appeared so. So glad the whole show is going to an end soon but it appears like one going gradually. Can’t wait to open another chapter of the so called educational system. My next level, here I come!
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Checking the school calendar, I realize its less than 70+ days to exam…oh boy! Bad news for a new week. The mountainous books await me, neatly arranged to remind me I haven’t yet reviewed them, telling me to start reading accompanied by the melodious recitation of the poem “tick says the clock, tick-tick, what you have to do, do quick”. My bed is also there, eyeing me to lie on it, telling me not to stress myself, reminding me that health is wealth. Also, bringing my once-upon time principal say that it’s better to fail honourably than to cheat and interpreting it as though there is an honour in failing. Tell me which should I yield to? Which should I go for?
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After a quick and critical thought, motivations settled in my heart and the joy in success came flashing, the desire for a good result came leaping in my heart. Enough of failure, don’t want the experience of it again. I just have to read, cram and study to yield a fruitful semester at the end of the day. Packing my course materials, my pen and jotter into my bag, dashing off through the room door and LIBRARY HERE I COME!

                                                                                     Written By: Taiwo