Even President Obama Ditched Work to Watch ‘Star Wars 7’

The President wasn't so unkind as to completely turn his back on everyone in attendance as he rushed out the door. He did manage to shout 'Merry Christmas' at reporters as he hurried off for his first ever viewing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Perhaps his hurried pace wouldn't be so criticized by his detractors had he invited everyone in attendance along. Though that might have upset his wife. First Lady Michelle Obama is said to have hosted this screening. And it was accompanied by quite a few service members, as well as their families. Let's just hope they all like it as much as critics have. The sequel is ranked fresh at Rotten Tomatoes with 95% fresh on the Tomatometer. When Barack Obama opened his press conference, he made sure to admit that it was not the most important thing happening in the White House today. Before jotting off to watch Han Solo and Kylo Ren square off against each other, he did manage to answer a few questions about terrorism, climate change, and a host of other varied topics. But again, none of it was as important as Star Wars. Seriously. Why would it be. This is Star Wars we're talking about. And judging from the box office that has already started to roll in, The POTUS wasn't the only one with Princess Leia on the mind. It's estimated that the movie will earn between $250 and $275 million at the box office once all the smoke from the burning Jakku corpses have cleared. What do you think? Are you okay with the leader of the free world rushing off to see Star Wars when there are certainly more pressing matters on his plate? And what is he going to think of Han handing Rey that pistol amidst all these mass shootings? 

#StarWars crazes reaches White House, at #Obama's year ending speech to the press— RT America (@RT_America) December 18