How to Toast a Naija Babe and win her heart.

Love is a universal phenomenon but its expression and interpretation varies in different cultures and places. While Nigerian girls may swoon and “aww” at the expression of love in western romantic movies, it doesn’t necessarily play out the same way in reality. The basis might be constant, but some things have to be adjusted to suit their lifestyle. So, here’s a 101 on how to woo or toast a Nigerian girl.

• Show some “attitude”

By attitude, I don’t mean garbage, but some masculine boldness. Right from the word go, African men are known for their braveness and fearlessness. So, the last thing a Naija babe needs is a man who is afraid to approach a woman. Being shy, timid or paranoid doesn’t work here; it’s a thing for little boys. If you want to get her number or tell her you like her, just go for it, she has teeth, but she doesn’t bite. Having some great pick-up lines on your lips can make things easier for you.

• Be well put-together

In this part of the world, men are expected to know what they want and not be confused. If you can’t get your life together, then why would she be convinced that you can sustain a relationship? She has a lot of issues to deal with from family to work and society, so she doesn’t need an addition to her full plate of problems. Don’t go whining to her about your problems, especially when you just met her. You should make her happy.

• Delay is dangerous

So, you have probably seen the long flirting process in western movies and thought it was romantic.
Yes it is, but that doesn’t work out here so well. You see, to ladies on this side, delay is literally dangerous. If you wait for too long, you do it at your own risk. If you want to woo a Nigerian girl, you need to be on your toes and strike the rod while it’s still hot. Keeping her waiting till forever, will make her think that you aren’t serious and no one has time for time wasters. She’d transfer her attention to the next “serious” guy whom she has mutual attraction with.

• Buy her gifts

Gifting is a good way to get into the heart of a real Naija babe. Unlike their counterparts in other continents who are moved by flowers, cards and other “romantic” things, these girls, they like things they can actually put to use, gifts that will solve their needs and not serve as decorations. And lest I forget, the bigger, the better.

• Warm up to her family members and close friends

Life in Nigeria is communal. Families and friends share intimate details and support each other. If she likes you, it’d make her happier if you got along with her family members and close friends. If you are good guy, these people can actually put in good words for you, influencing her decision to date you positively.

While a Naija babe may play hard to get to sustain her self-worth, she’d certainly enjoy a good chase from a guy who has the things a woman wants in a man. At the end of the day, she wants a man who can give her maximum love and security… now that’s how to woo a Nigerian girl successfully.