Men Shine your eyes!!!

I hear a lot of ladies now wear butt pads on their bum bum in order to enhance it and also use it to seduce men, who are crazy about girls with big ass (fake) like Kim Kardashian.

I can't just imagine a girl being fake just to belong or make men chase after her. Wearing fake body parts just to look sexy is so vain. Imagine a lady removing all these fake body parts at the end of day and now faced with reality each time she looks in the mirror. Who is she fooling...?Herself of course!

Just like what happened to a lady whose husband later got to find out on their wedding night that all she had on were butt pads and foamy boobs. He felt humiliated and heartbroken. And had to end the marriage right there and then. When a girl is fake, she's not real! Be proud of your body. Being flat chested or having flat/small bum bum doesn't make you less beautiful. You are beautiful the way you are. Any man who crave after busty or big ass women is only lusting, and wont stop lusting after other women even while with you. That's the fact. So, stop trying to impress others and be yourself.

Be happy with your body. Because you are beautiful the way you are...