Convergent !!!


     Time and season wait for no man. Just like yesterday, we gathered together with family and friends to celebrate the new year eve and new year celebration, the clock still ticking and ticking fast. It's my first write up this year, I will be ungrateful if I don't take my time to wish you guys prosperous days of the year and also to thank a bunch for being my reader in the previous year. You are much loved.

     Every year, some people write down their objectives, aim, expectations and abmitions for the year and I see it necessary for you to write such too. Why? Because, I strongly believe it's one of the keys that keep us focus- especially the ones pened down which you refer to from time to time. The human memory may fail us to remember important things sometimes you know.

    Don't live the year like the previous, it should be better. It will only be if you really want to make it better and I trust you ain't a lazy folk. Ignite the zeal and let it push you through. Always remember challanges make you stronger, they are stepping stones. Don't run away from them but face them squarely. Now, I'm sounding like a motivational speaker (lol).

    As I write this, I remember someone explaining the adage 'a stitch in time saves nine'. Literally giving the description of a cloth that has a tear, if you do not sew it immediately, it might increase in length and make the cloth useless at the end of the day. The adage actually teaches that if one sort out a problem immediately, it may save extra work later. Do what you ought to do at the right time, don't procrastinate!

                                    Written By: Taiwo Uyi 

             Stay good and stay focus in 2016