Someone Help Me! My Wife Beats The Hell Out Of Me When She’s Angry

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In this shocking and intriguing relationship story, a man narrates how he has lived in fear of his wife until an incident taught the wife a lesson which has left the man bitter as ever.
Dear Readers,
l want to be open to you here, maybe my help can come from here. My marriage is 18years now and I have been pretending to be happy. I love my wife a lot and I will do anything for her. I do more favour to my wive’s people more than myself. My brothers are well to do, so sometimes they fill in the gap, making my parents to over look my absence in terms of money.
I am a very quiet person and I don’t want problems in my life, I built my house while I was working in a bank and I resigned and got my own company, which I’m managing now. My wife was my university friend and we never courted much and got married. I married her a virgin too.
One of her problem that I find too hard to deal with is temper. She has a high temper. And when I try to ask her some things she flares up. I sometimes don’t ask anymore because she can’t have a low tone conversation. I live in fear because sometimes in the middle of a conversation, once she flares up and approaches me, Cynthia , she will drag me to the ground and beat the hell out of me.
It’s a shameful thing to say but I must say it. After chatting with you yesterday evening, I decided to open up. My wife beats me and it has occurred countlessly. My children have witnessed it countlessly and it has reduced now that the children are grown . I have 4 boys. The last time she did it, my son intervened and gave her a blow on the nose and she backed off. Instead of discussing things with my wife, I rather send her a text message or call her on the phone while at work.
She has her good part, which is she cooks and keeps the house neat, but for sex, it is when she wants , and in the middle of the sex, once she gets angry, she gets up and goes away. I don’t know if any other man is experiencing what am seeing in my marriage.
Last 2 months, we buried my father, so after the burial, we seated for a family meeting, all my brothers were around and their wives, before this meeting my eldest brother said that everyone should switch off their handsets and let’s have some peace, not knowing my wife didn’t, at the middle of the conversation, my wife’s phone rang, she picked it and started saying ‘hello, hello,’ where everyone is.
I told her to leave and take the call that we are talking here, she told me to mind my business. So instead of her leaving she got up, backed all of us and started answering and laughing and my brother got angry, went to where she was and took the phone from her. She stood up and before we knew what was happening she slapped my eldest brother on his face and that was how it all started . My brother beat the living day light out of her, and told her she has bitten more than she can chew.
I must be honest with you, I never for once told my brother to stop, my brother himself has never laid a hand on his wife, his marriage is 25 years old. I just left the scene, even my children followed me.
Since we came back, she parked her thing from our room to the guest room, she has been living there and I have been living in the master bedroom. These days we eat fast food, she wakes up in the morning and leaves for work, because she is a nurse. I just want peace to reign, but my children are tired of eating fast food. Last week my son complained and I had to pay one woman that sells restaurant to cook me onugbu soup and nsala, my children’s favorite, she cooked and brought it, so me and my sons shared it in a bowl and put inside the fridge. That is what we are eating now.
Please your parliamentary people should tell me, is this a marriage? Don’t see my quietness as weakness because my father always tells us to respect woman, no matter the amount of provocation. I am 55 years and she is 48 years old. My eldest brother is 64 years old.
From Annonymous worried husband.