South African Women show Bare Butt During Protest

Protests are known to be in different forms all over the world but no one envisaged that such would include baring one’s butt*cks before the cameras.

That was what a group of 16 women did on Monday as they bared their butt*cks and stormed into the offices of the ruling African National Congress in Tshwane, South Africa in protest.

“Some had unzipped their jeans, lifted their tops and undone their bras before turning away to expose their naked backsides in full view of cameraman”, a security guard at the entrance to the building said.

According to Pretoria News, the women were protesting the outcome of an ANC branch general meeting held at Lebelo Primary School in Hammanskraal on Sunday.
They claimed that bouncers bearing pangas (a bladed tool like a machete) and firearms removed them from the voting process to elect a new branch committee.

The bouncers had apparently slapped their backsides and dragged them away before they could vote on the orders of ANC regional deputy secretary, George Matjila.

Source: Pretoria News/IOL