Who can take FUTA to the promise land socially.

There is so much tension everywhere especially at the social circle level depending on which side you looking at it from. Fight today,fight tomorrow. It even now a norm that there has to be disagreement at every social function in FUTA. The questions arise, what are they fighting about? Who is causing this fights? Who are those destroying the social strata that took a lot of hardwork to build? What are they after? What is their aim?

If you ask me I don't see any reason why people should disagree among each other. Futa is very big for everyone. If a party does not give you a good platform look for another or create yours if you are desperately looking for one. I see no reason why people should be fighting . We should all be civilized human beings. Some people are hiding under the fact that they are 'street'. What exactly is street. Is street equal to hooliganism NO. Street to me means the pureness of an artist and the hustling spirit to make it.

Let's all define our priorities and know people are watching us the way we behave. So as we coming close to the next FUTASUG elections let's go out there and vote for someone that has something to offer regardless of who the person might be or your personal beef with the person. If the person can do the job let him or her do the job.One love is all I ask for.