Woman Found Out She Was Pregnant 4 Days Before Delivering Baby

A woman gives birth to a tiny baby boy, without knowledge of her being pregnant until four days before the tot appeared.
Kerri Kiloh went through all but a few days of her pregnancy completely unaware that she was carrying a child.
The 25-year-old and husband Kevin only discovered they were about to become parents after Kerri went for a hospital check-up and was told the incredible news.
But the couple’s joy quickly turned into a harrowing ordeal when their new son Karson was born 15 weeks premature. The couple were told Karson – weighing only 1lb 8oz – had just a 30 per cent chance of survival.
And worried medical staff 
told them they should say goodbye to the struggling tot when he was six weeks old. But, Karson was on a ventilator for the first six months of his life has now survived and is doing well.
According to the Daily Record, Kerri had visited St John’s Hospital in Livingston last April and was amazed to learn she was around five months’ pregnant