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Jack and Jill are best of friends, almost inseparable and do behave like twins will do. Hardly will you know they are brothers from different mothers. Jack is known as one with a heart as brave as a lion while Jill can be sometimes sissy. On this fateful weekend when they both decided to go hunting, courageous-Jack with his bow and arrow moves ahead and not-too-brave Jill with his catapult following behind and both heading towards their favorite jungle to hunt for some games with no sense of danger ahead. Suddenly, a mighty, coarse roar with the sound of running feet sounding as feet of battalions of soldiers ready for war was heard.

Jack came to a sudden halt causing his follower, Jill, to do the same, his heart leapt to his throat and the feel of bangs on his head caused him to shiver. No one taught him to scream and run at the sight of a lion moving near, forgetting his dear friend Jill, whose trouser is now soaked with his own urine, glued to a position and left to the only option of closing his eyes and expecting his next moment to be spent in a lion’s stomach as a meat. It was after the supposed-brave-Jack had climbed a tree he realized, the lion had headed towards another direction going for its prey.  

We all have had experiences of situations catching us unaware. I’d really like to learn. How did you react at such occurrences?  I presume there was firstly an adrenaline reaction in your body system telling you a danger might occur and your eyes rotated like one that just finished a sixth-keg of palm-wine. Thereafter, you imagine yourself shifting position or better still you really did changed position and almost running off before realizing it was actually nothing to be scared of and that of course everything is under control and you can fix the fixable of the whole show or in another instance, it was no-show at all for you, you didn’t get scared at all, is that?

It can be annoying when you hear a female course-mate scream and you jump up suddenly only to realize it was the feel of a lizard move on her feet that got her screaming. Also, when guy’s yell while watching a football match shift you off your seat like you were pinched. Again, when the lecturer of a course you don’t understand ask you to tear a sheet of paper for an impromptu test and he tells you the test carries 20% of the whole course mark. Such situations can be unavoidable but it’s only a pre-trained self that can absorb shocks like this and keeps one from falling apart at hearing the ‘bad news’.

People change with time so also some situations. Not every situation comes out as we had presumed, not examination results, expectations from kin and kinsmen not even from yourself.  That time when you really wished you could turn back the hand of the clock and do much better than you had done. The ever strong heart can fail if not properly trained.

Just like the Boy Scout slogan, keep it a duty to maintain peace at all time within you and be prepared to easily dust off unforeseen circumstances. It will be of benefit to health, keeping the body young and reducing risk of heart-breaks and high blood pressures and also to spare some folks unnecessary stir of heart beat.

                                    Written by: Taiwo Iyiola