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                                                          JOB VERSUS CAREER defines career as the pursuit to a lifelong ambition, also, as the general course of progression towards lifelong goals. Job on the other hand is a regular activity (interesting or boring) in exchange of payment. Both are of great need in the society and are tools in maximally eradicating or minimizing unemployment and poverty in Nigeria. In actual fact, the knowledge of your career helps to obtain a good job. With the job, you help your employee pursue his career too.

I see career as one you have from your roll of interests, strength and natural ability. You don’t have to be in the formal education to have this but I agree with the fact that formal education helps to discover the real you and sharpen the career in you. In all, education is not about going to school. Jobs are mostly offered according to the level of certificates obtained but with your career i.e. interest, you have an edge. While pursuing a job, entertain the career thought and give it a try. After all, all hands are not equal. Not all will have the professional jobs, some will go into vocational jobs and still make it big. Discover yourself and think!

Let me cite an example here. Creativity is my gift (career) but I studied computer science in order to obtain a job – I work under someone and get paid for services rendered. I graduated with a lot of head knowledge and little practical on my course. Two options await me, either I develop my creativity power and have a career as an interior and exterior decorator or designer as it is. The second option is to apply as a computer scientist/ web designer in an ICT firm or wherever my service is required. I opted for the latter option and went for my interview. I could see what unemployment has done to the youth, there were a lot of job seekers at the venue, all competing for just a position. I held my peace and waited for my turn.

I was called after some time of dialogue between my interviewers and me but they couldn’t get me yet off balance. As a means to get me off from the list, I was told to design a one-in-town design for the company’s website. I wasn’t scared because I know what I have inside of me- my creative power. I didn’t have to battle with it. In a few minute, I was done with an I’m- proud- of- myself design. Whereas other took minutes and some close to an hour even to make a manageable design. What do you think? I have an edge over others and I got the job. I have to mention that I didn’t only have the idea that I was creative, I also put it to practice at my leisure times while in school.

If you ask me which is better, career or job? I’ll tell you career because it’s the expression of the natural making of you. In the words of the English spoken word poet, Darryll Suliaman Amoako (Suli Breaks), ‘goggle was once a scrap of codes, skyscrapers were once slabs of stones’. So also is an ignored career. Just like a baby, it is meant to be nurtured to growth. Like a word spoken by a writer colleague, Olanrewaju Sodiq, explaining in his statement that ideas are life changing. Sometimes all you need is to open that door to entertain one more good idea. Old ideas saved the world, current ones sustained it, but only one unique one change it.

                                  Written By: Uyi Taiwo