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                            ORIGIN OF VITAMIN C
Centuries ago, in a city in Europe. A city with land full of water, scanty trees, crops and fruit plants. A place where fishing was the order of the day; inhabitants fed mostly on crabs, fishes and other sea foods.

The navy men with their well armoured and gigantic ship went to wars and tours round the world. On a fateful day, a navy man called Vasco da Gama decided to go on an expedition to India with his crew, they set sail on their journey, bided their kinsmen and family farewell with promises of safe return with stories of fun-filled adventure and experience.
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After six days of travelling on the sea, Vasco da Gama, the leader of the crew, discovered many of his men had fallen ill with swollen feets and hands, with spots on their skins and gums growing over their teeth such that they could not eat.

Along the way, some died and were buried due to the unidentified sickness. With sadness, they moved towards the east of Africa coast and Alas! They found at the bank of the sea, dry lands with some local traders selling stuff they werent familiar with (which they later learnt were called orange). They bought the stuff anyway and continued with their journey, eating while what they bought while enroute.

Few days after taking the oranges, the sick navy men discovered changes in their body and concluded the oranges were magical and with powerful curatives. Vasco da Gama on the other hand, in his religious mind said it only pleased God in His mercy that all sick recovered their health for the air of the land of Africa is very good.

Few years later, James Lind, a ship surgeon in the British Royal Navy conducted a test at sea, with men divided into two groups. The first group was provided with a lemon juice and two oranges per day for six days while the second group was not provided with any. Lind discovered that the group provided with lemon and oranges were healthy and fit to work unlike the other group.

Together, with other nutritionists and chemical scientists, the disease was named scurvy and the powerful curative in the fruits, named, vitamin c.

Africa is a blessed continent with good soil and weather to aid the growth and cultivation of different fruit trees among which citrus is common.

Vitamin C has been discovered to have much significant impact on mortality and very positive effect on the health, especially, the elderly. It is essential for building blocks of muscles, bones, tendons and tissues, strong teeth and it also assists in building up the immune system in fighting against diseases, especially, polio.
It also aids in the cure of cancer.
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Would you care to make it an onus to feed on fruits, especially orange and lemon on daily basis to promote healthy growth and well-being.


                                                       Written By: Iyiola Taiwo