House of Cards Drops an Intense Season 4 Trailer, Plus Amazing New Guest Star Info

House of Cards, House of Cards Season 4

Is it March 4 yet?
Because after watching the full trailer for House of Cards season four, you're going to wake up every day sad that Frank and Claire Underwood aren't back in your life yet.
Netflix has dropped a few ominous teasers here and there, but nothing quite as juicy as the one-minute promo, which features uber-dramatic music, plus glimpses at Frank and Claire facing off, police raids, possible murder, and an incredibly menacing tagline: "We had a future until you started destroying it."
We also saw Neve Campbell's new character, Kim Dickens' returning character, and lots of campaigning.
This season will see Frank on the campaign trail (how would he have done in New Hampshire?), but his biggest threat will be the fact that his formerly rock-solid relationship with his wife is showing some major cracks in its foundation.

That's not it for the new info: Netflix revealed in a press release that other new cast members joining season four are the legendary Ellen Burstyn and Cicely Tyson.
As per usual, all episodes of the new season will drop at once. The premiere date was announced in November during the a CNN GOP debate.
The political drama has already been renewed for a fifth season—although a major player will be missing. Creator and showrunner Beau Willimon will be stepping away from his series. Expect the fifth season to premiere in 2017