Moment with Tolu

Pretty girl

Hey dearie, you've been bothered lately right? You're thinking, why are people suspicious about you? Without finding answers, you then decide to move in with the flow of others so you would be accepted.

Hmmm, let's have a straight talk here. Life isn't fair and life would always create scenarios for you to make excuses, you can do away with the excuses and make something better out of life.

I understand no one believes you, no one trusts you, they think that you should portray your beauty in the manner that others do,that you've got to go against your values and follow the crowd. But you forgot that "real beauty lies inside and shines out".

I know it's hard to say "No" to vices. However, I can assure you can be different. If you don't " NO" You can't be "KNOWN". Remember " Great people are not in the crowd, they are the reason for the crowd" . Don't follow the crowd, BE YOU. THE REAL YOU inside cries daily for freedom saying, "be the hope of coming generations. Your daughter cries "please mummy be different". Your siblings and young folks around silently pray please let her be my role model.

Stand out and decide to be yourself, be bold and confident. Develop yourself and "wow" the world. Show that despite the lack of trust, you still had trust in yourself. You are the pride the world is waiting to celebrate. Yeah it won't be easy but it would be worth it. The world is waiting to read your story. Give the world and inspiring one to read.

#BEYOU#TheRealYou#AwakeningTheGiantWithin#Trust#Confidence#Pride#BE INSPIRED

                        Written by: Olayiwola Toluwalopemi