Nextrated Award:Super Wozy Vs Feola Olola

Let me give you some background insights before we make any conclusion. Super Wozy is the most talented rapper in FUTA presently. He has won several rap battles back to back and was nominated in the category of nextrated alongside Feola Olola which a lot of people will consider as a rookie. Unfortunately Feola Olola is signed to Crunk Music and has popularly acclaimed Olazz (Don Jazzy in this Case) to support him.Super Wozzy is the definition of the street in FUTA having the full support of Akindeko boys is no beans.
The question now is who deserves the award. Is it Super Wozy who has done brilliantly since last year or Feola Olola whose career is just starting but has the support of Olazz(Jagaban) who can sell anything or promote anyone.

If you ask me the meaning of next rated means some one who is likely to blow. Super Wozy has blown already. If he won the award it would be underrated award LMAO!! So let no one fight. I actually like Wozy's response to all of this. In his words "Feola is my friend and I would always support. I am sorry to my fans if they think I deserve the award".

Who deserves the award?????