OMG! Sex toy included in 2016 Oscars gift bag for nominees.

This year's nominees at the Oscars will receive luxury gift bags worth $200,000 (a record high) from Distinctive Assets, which includes a range of products from all sorts of companies including a vampire breast lift, sex toy and 15-day walking tour of Japan.

These goodie bag of beauty goods and luxury experiences are from big brands who look to capitalize on the Oscars award buzz this month.

The most expensive item being given to the nominees is a first class, 10-day trip to Israel worth just over $55,000, followed by a 15-day walking tour of Japan at around $45,000.

Also an unlimited Audi car rentals for a year ( worth around $45,000 ) to a lifetime supply of Lizora skin creams (just under $31,200), there is plenty for the stars to enjoy.

There's also the Vampire Breast Lift  similar to the famous face lift technique, which uses the person's own blood to stimulate the growth of new tissue, this process will help achieve  "rounder cleavage without implants", it costs $1,900. They will also find a Fiera Arouser of Her- a wearable sex toy which costs $250.

Part of the gift bag is also having private training sessions with celebrity wellness expert and star of ABC’s My Diet Is Better Than Yours, Jay Cardiello ($1,400), a Fit Club TV “Ultimate Fitness Package” in a private villa ($6,250),  a Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer valued at $249.99.