True or False ?

(Federal University of Technology Akure)

*Every FUTA student believes that if he/she was in a different school they would be on 5.0 CGPA.👍🏿

* You graduate with 2.20 and you will be
telling yourself. If it
were to be Other universities... I would have been a
3.20 graduate by now.😝

* If you think true love is the
only thing that is hard to find...try
looking for your HOD when you
need his signature
on a form.😱

*Futarians stand in bank junction @ obanla shouting " obakekere Sir", where else in FUTA can you go to? 😒Oba-arin??!

*Every big boy trekking from obanla to obakekere doesn't have 20naira change but have a 1000naira note.😳😳😳

* The most common and popular poster you find in Futa is those of 📰"Buy your Mtn data".

*If you don't know physics or can't calculate the de-acceleration rate of 🚌Futa shuttles, you go stand tire for park ehn😜.

*FUTA guys can configure
free browsing on small Nokia
torchlight phone. 😳kilode(I no mention
Yahoo join o. Lol).

* You get to class as early as 6.30am only to
see that
all seats have
been occupied by bags & books 😒abi dem de leave
am for sch go bk house?.

*🏃🏿u have already prepared food but to eat na
wahala because u're already late for lectures.

*FUTA, where students only use gtbank atm because of the a/c even when the outside atms are working💁🏾.

* Lecturer: Only 10 students in
class today? Oya tear
a sheet of paper for test....turns to the
board to write. Before he
back-------class don full. 😄😄😄Lol

* You receive your year one
results and you give your life to Christ
without preaching... 🙏🏾Just like

* Always seem like egg roll and meatpie is the only food endorsed by the vc in Futa🍩.

*Come night class during exam u go see as lecture hall go full pass normal lecture days.

*During exams u will know those who are
naturally beautiful because no time for makeup
at all. 💇🏾Everyone become born- again by force.

* It's always funny when exam
supervisor says
SUBMIT!! And many
students suddenly develop that
super human ability; 🙇🏿 answering
3hrs question in 50seconds.

A typical conservation during exam period between two Futarians:
Futa student 1: Baba hw far?
Futa student 2: Boss mi, i dey.
Futa student 1: How far u don read 4 MEE 207?
Futa student 2: Oga mi, i never read anything.
Futa student 1:🙌🏿 IWE!!! BABA NA YOU O,
Futa student 2: 😒Guy, i talk say i never read anything jare.
Futa student 1: Na you sure pass!, i dey your side for exam hall.
Futa student 2: I don hear u.....😳.shhhoh??!?

*('Futa student 1' is one of dose futarians that will always say they haven't read yet they are on 4.0)

Abeg send dis to ur friendz and let's hail dis great Institution. Not to forget Mai niggas wey fit copy fire 🔥 I fear Una shoutouts to them.........great Futarians...