At two weeks interval, I do wash my hair with a mixture I’d like to call my personal kit. It’s a mixture of Shea butter, honey, drops of olive oil, egg white, a teaspoon of baking powder, sometimes a drop or two of grape fruit juice and shampoo. Ask for an appropriate hair shampoo for your type of natural hair before buying one. Can’t mention the one I use because I wasn’t paid for the advertisement. The amount of mixture depends on how kinky your hair is i.e. how full it is. Just make sure it forms a paste. Apply it touching the scalp of your hair and leave it for nothing less than 10 minute if you want a good result. After then, wash with shampoo and leave to dry.

In maintaining my hair, I try as much as I can, not to expose it to any form of heat, hot comb, dryer or whatever it is because it weakens and breaks the hair. Also, I use a lukewarm water at every wash. I apply any cocoa-made cream or so-fine hair cream on daily basis and on weekends I wash my hair with only hair conditioner. In styling it, I use a kind of spray gel for natural hair to hold my style in place. In fact, I do check YouTube for leg-sweeping styles for natural hair. I do fix or braids sometimes, not often though and I don’t let them stay more than three weeks if I do them.  

‘It’s best to be natural’ came the word from a young lady I met on FUTA campus some weeks back. I was attracted by her nice natural afro hairstyle and I couldn’t keep it to myself. Walked up to her to have a chit-chat about her magical well-groomed hairstyle. I gave her kudos all the way after the short but educative lecture. And that got me thinking, should I cut and start my hair all over again? Am I actually responsible enough to adhere to the grooming-routine? That’s why I decided to write this short article and seek for your opinion.

    Written by : Uyi Taiwo