Moments with Tolu

The place of a woman

It's another great year, a great opportunity to celebrate the female gender. Today, the world is celebrating International Women's Day!!!

I still strongly opine there's something missing which makes us use our energy wrongly

We waste larger percentage of our effort competing with the male folks, trying to do things the way they do, demanding to take their positions and sometimes make them feel lesser than they are.

I really feel if God really wants us to be like them; He would have made us same time He made Adam and not after he made him.

Our place as a woman is to complement the masculine gender and make them whole.

It's time we start using our reserved energy doing the right thing, fixing  loopholes and creatively filling what needs to be better.

A house is not a home because the man isn't present or he isn't the one incharge , it is a home because the woman decides to play her part and let the man reign. It becomes a home because she decides to complement him and cover his weaknesses.

A house being transformed to a home is the same as a country being transformed to a nation.

Our country would be a better place and a nation if we allow the male folks to play their part and we complement and appreciate their effort , in doing that, we are becoming a complete whole which make us unbreakable and unity stands.


Toluwalopemi Olayiwola