Moments With Tolu


Life isn't fair!
It's full of ups and downs.
Life takes opportunities away from us and leaves us with bitter experience(s).
Life is brutal,partial,many times excruciating and even

Well, I could go on and on about the dark side of life and never remember any good thing about it. But here is the imbalance; we forget that it's the same life that gives us a glimpse of our future through our past and our present.

Really, life could be all the aforementioned. But then,it takes a conscientious effort to look beyond the negativities and truly see the bright side of the story.
Life presents itself that way so that we could appreciate the good part of it. The truth is that you cannot really understand what light is  unless you've had an experience of darkness.

How then can we have a good perspective of life?It is simply through the art of GRATITUDE!
Unfortunately, it is a key most people ignore and misunderstand because it transcends being thankful for things that are good alone. It is a willingness to appreciate things, people, and more importantly God even when the situation doesn't warrant it.

Gratitude is a state of the heart that expresses the deep part of thankfulness. It is mixed with emotions which reveals the heart. The beauty of it is that it occurs not because there's a push factor(an event like getting married or buying a new car or a new house).

A life of gratitude empowers you to achieve more than you could ever think of because even when life is unfair, you still appreciate it. Why? because it makes you understand what being fair is all about.

Gratitude requires us to think retrospectively on the things and people that have contributed to who we are today with a mind of appreciation. Through that, we anticipate meeting more persons and have an expectation of greater positive experiences.

Indeed,gratitude gives you the chance and hope of a brighter tomorrow because it weighs and examines your past and supply lessons and resources to your present.

Gratitude helps you to acknowledge your mistakes and still move and learn from it without guilt.

Gratitude... A simple truth to greatness!

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