Psquare: ‘Family comes first’ | Peter, Paul and Jude Okoye make up, apologise to fans...

The Okoye brothers are providing the media &
fans with soap opera worthy drama of epic

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Okoye
brothers, then refresh your memory with the
next paragraph.

Peter fired Jude as his manager a few weeks
ago, he then went solo & changed his
management team, Paul then released an
emotional single addressing their drama called “Call To Heaven”, He also took to Instagram to blast Peter for airing their differences on social media, this was after he put Peter on blast for doing the same during their last beef a few months ago, anyways Peter clapped back, Peter then granted the mother of all interviews two days ago, an EXPLOSIVE tell all basically calling out his brothers for ganging up on him among other allegations and Jude clapped back yesterday saying there are 3 sides to every story and the truth is dirty.

Well someone must have brought the brothers
together to resolve their issues because a few
minutes ago ALL three of them posted on their IG pages, a picture of a white dove in the sky, with the message,

It took our stupidity to realize that FAMILY
comes first, We are VERY SORRY??.
@rudeboypsquare @judeengees
#dembeonenobetwo #PSquareForever

Chances are that Psquare will not be taken
seriously if the events of the past few weeks are,
again, re-enacted in the future