South African Pastor Pours Hot Water On Church Members To Demonstrate 'Miracle' (photos)

A South African pastor, Apostle Thamsanqa Sambulo, last Sunday, poured boiling water on himself and members of his church to demonstrate a miracle.

The KwaZulu Natal-based young pastor, who is the founder of Thy Word Kingdom Harvest Ministrie,  tired to bring back what happened when the Biblical Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego were thrown into the lake of fire and were not burned.

So he boiled a kettle of water and started pouring the boiling water on the gullible church members.
None of them wanted to risk it but after Sambulo hugged the kettle “on his chest”. He then asked: 'Who has faith here?' (sic) One by one, people came and did what the apostle did, and were not hurt. He re-boiled the water... as he young woman came to him and said; ‘Papa I have faith, pour it on my hand as hot as it is.’

“The Son of God first poured on Himself, then poured unto this lady. The rest of the congregation, one by one followed, as they also wanted to test their faith.”