The definition we give things...

Sometimes in our lives pple  give other meanings to wat you do, wat u say, ur actions, the way  u dress, the way u talk... Etc....

The definition we give things... Creates an impression or perception  about it.

When u don't put effort on things ppl will say u are nonchalant
  When you are hardworking they say u are a workaholic
When u put enough  effort  to make things work they say u are Desperate.
  When u show less concern they say u are uncaring.
  When u show too much care they say u are obsessed
  When express aw u feel they say u are too blunt
  When u do express yourself  they say u are forming hard core
  When u help them with stuffs they say u are too nice.
  When u tend to be on your own they say you are too Proud
  When u are free and u play with people  they say she is too lousy..
When u work hard they say u are poor
When you don't they say u are lazy.

So tell me  why on earth  u let what anyone  says about you affect what you do with your life... No matter how you try ppl will not celebrate u until u have succeeded..

Nobody cares about the process all they want to know, hear and see is the success story.....

No one really cares so why waste ur time worrying about what pple say, feel about u..