The more important and the less important


    Sometimes in life we tend to give the less important things more importance which in return will waste our time and resources.
   Most times, the things we consciously and unconsciously give less effort to tends to be very profitable and valuable.
    But one thing I av realized in life is always to know wat works for you.
   Different things work for different people for different reasons at different time and season that why u don't work with someone's shadow.
   Know what works for you..
Because  I read 10 hours to pass a course doesn't mean  ud need to do d same, remember  we all av our capacity...
   Because I work while schooling  doesn't mean m poor remember it might be due  to passion...
   Because Lola is rich  doesn't mean I will be rich
It is not Because shade is pretty she got the best hubby remember wen he was once heart broken.
  Now I wear expensive outfit remember  when I wear fairly  used..
   Never compare ur life with someone else's we will all get there, the rich man ws once a pauper
   The Queen was once a slave
  The first was once the last
   The lovable person has once been hurt.
The wicked person was once nice
The old man was once young
The ugly woman was one beautiful...

Appreciate everyone just for their uniqueness u don't know wat tomorrow holds for u.