The sign we ignore


For everything that happens to everyone the good, the bad, the ugly, the worst....
  Just know that it's showed u a sign  before it happened.
    It is either you ignored d sign, or u give less attend to it, or u didn't know wat it meant, or u weren't  sure of the meaning, or u pretended not to see it, or u  misinterpreted it.
   For every occurrence there is a sign
For every occurrence there was a sign
For every occurrence  there will be a sign

Be sensitive to know, feel, hear, and understand what it means..
  Nothing happened because it happened, it happened because you choose it to happen, because you gave it permission to happen.

    The bad event happened  cos u didn't seen d sign, know or understand
    The good event happened  because u understood, saw ND knew the sign.
   The ugly event  happened  because u were confused about the meaning of the sign.
     The worst event happened because you ignore the sign.

The sign is important be sensitive....