23 People Dead After Licking Poisoned Sweets

Zeeen 435
At least 23 people have died after eating sweets police suspect were laced with pesticides. Dozens more fell ill after eating the sweets in the Karor Lal Esan area of Pakistan last week.
The sweets were reportedly purchased from a bakery then distributed among friends and family at a party celebrating the birth of a baby boy.
Police say 10 people died on the same day and 13 more have since passed away. Local police officer Munir Ahmed told AFP: “The death toll from consumption of the sweets has now risen to 23, and 52 people are still being treated at various hospitals.”
Police added that three people – two bakery owners and a worker – have been arrested in connection with the incident.
Senior officer Rameez Bukhari said: “There was a pesticide shop close by which was being renovated, and the owner had left his pesticides at the bakery for safe keeping. A baker may have used a small packet in the sweet mixture.”