Reading her bibliography makes me think and wish. It also pops out questions within me. Is Education a barrier? Maybe talent is just enough? Can anything good come out of Nigeria or Africa as a whole? Maybe I should drop out of school on realizing my in-born ability? Is God partial to have made some super-intelligent and some others with decreasing intelligence? Maybe not God, maybe the environment I found myself in, maybe the country or my parents?
ZURIEL ELISE ODUWOLE, an half-caste female activist, born in the year 2002, age 13 going to 14, born to a Nigerian father and Mauritian mother has been known to have interviewed important personalities across the world and 19 Nation president as at April 3, 2016.She lives in California, USA with her family.

It all started as a school assignment to interview Ghanaian President Jerry Rawlings which she took serious, she also went ahead to study about Africa which further encouraged her to writing letters to different presidents of countries at the age of 9. She is the youngest professional film maker in the world today.

Known to have written films, documentaries and books fully edited by her among which are: a film titled ‘A promising Africa’, ‘A documentary on Michael Jackson story’, her best and most popular. It will also excite you to know all her films were shot by her.

Officially known to be the youngest ever to be interviewed by FORBES MAGAZINE. She is also the financial Literacy Ambassador for Heritage bank at such a young age. Not stopping there, she is also the global brand ambassador for Ethiopian Airlines which sponsors all her travels across Africa and South-America.

She is in presently in her 8th grade in school and interviewing leaders and inspiring girls around the world is being taken as her extra- curriculum activities. Thanks to her parents Mr. Adewole and Mrs Patricia Adewole for raising such a blessed child.

Mr Adewole, Zuriel father has shown a good example of who a good father is. He resigned from his work basically to stay and go places with his daughter because he realised she was too young to go through the task alone.
She is indeed the reflection of her name which literarily means ‘God is my rock’ in Hebrew, she is one I like to refer to as Pastor (Miss) Zuriel, not only for always mentioning her believe in Jesus or God at every interview but serving as a shepherd that leads young girls around the world.

Together with her younger sisters, Azaliah and Arielle, she is presently working on her project, ‘Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up’, a.k.a DUSUSU, a campaign for the activism and promotion of girl-child education in Africa Wishing Zuriel good luck in her endeavours and contribution to humanities and I pray my unborn kids develop courage, strength, intelligent as that of Zuriel.