We need light to live. The sight of light gives one a sense of living. Think of the absence of light as a child making you increase your speed while walking in darkness, imagining ojuju- calabar as if it is on its way to capture you but the sight of light pronounces protection.

Electricity as one of the sources of light is very essential in our day to day activities. No sector of the economy can stay flourish without it. From the homely use of it, to small scale business and in the very large industries in Nigeria

Think of it even as students, we need power supply to charge our phones, systems and other appliances so as to do assignments and submit promptly, receive information as regard lecture times, venues and other impromptu- information, also, to do necessary photocopy and printing, not leaving out getting a cold drink after a stressful day in school.

Enough of seeing the captions that read ‘Nigeria energy supply crises’, ‘Power generation drops to 2,841MW, ‘Nigeria in total blackout’ et cetera. No more fuel scarcity which is the only means of powering our generator to supply electricity.

We shouldn’t just fold our arms and expect an overnight miracle from the ruling government. We could actually reason together for solutions. After all, democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people as defined by Abraham Lincoln. Wagging mouth can’t do enough. Our prayers count, our cooperation is very essential too.

Let me tell you what I will do if electricity issues like this occur during my regime as the president of our country Nigeria…hmm…I think I will see to checking out for alternatives that are nature-oriented like the use of bio- fuels, turbine powered by wind, use of solar-based appliances and even in generation of power supply.

Technology can also be encouraged especially in building my dream car- the water-based car model…LOL…, use of inverter shouldn’t be left out too, these and more will substitute for the high demand in petrol and other weight on electricity supply HERE, I REST MY CASE!

What will you do as the president of the country to fix the archaic situation of the electricity supply in the country?