FG Declares May 1st as a public holiday for Nigerian workers

The Federal Government has declared Monday, May 2 as a public holiday to commemorate the 2016 Workers’ Day Celebration which falls on Sunday, the 1st of May 2016.
The president's  representative, Retired Lt.-Gen. Abdulrahman Dambazau, Minister of Interior made the declaration in a statement signed by the Permanent Secretary of the ministry, Mr. Bassey Akpanyung today, Thursday in Abuja.

Instead of sitting around bored with nothing to do or wasting the holiday off,
1.  Movies

Yup, those movies you have stored up in your laptop or mobile phone that you haven't had time to should watch them. You could also visit the cinemas too.

2.  Sleep

Yup, if you are one of those who leaves home as early as 4:30am to get home again at 11pm all because of really should sleep well on Monday to make up for the lost hours of sleep.

3.  Go on an adventure with a friend.

Grab a companion and try to find cool new places to explore. Visit a town you have never been to, or go for a walk in the woods. Remember to practice good safety habits when exploring a new area and take a charged mobile phone with you.

4. Read a book.

Any book can help expand your vocabulary, inspire/motivate/entertain you or encourage you or teach you something news. However, choose your book wisely so it is worth your time - pulpy, trashy dime store novels are fun, but aren't terribly enlightening.

5.  Spend time with others
 If you can't think of things to do, one of your friends probably can. When all else fails, simply try visiting that close friend of yours or hanging out at a shopping mall with your friends. A sleepover is another great idea.

6. Laundry

Those clothes that you have piled up in a corner of your should wash them.

7.   Clean up the house

Saturdays are for tidying the house but seriously how many of us actually clean up on Saturdays when we have got different parties and weddings to the May 1 holiday is just perfect for a clean up!

8. Fast and Pray

Peradventure you have been trusting God for one issue or the other but you haven't time the time to earnestly seek his face on the issue because of work, then this is a free day to do just disturbance from anybody!

9.  Keep up with  Blogs

Visit those favorite blogs of yours that you have not had time to check out...keep  up with News updates that you have missed. 

10. Reply all those social media messages you have not had time to attend to

From Facebook to twitter, instagram, Mails, Myspace, 2go, etc