Futa ofofo !!!!!!!!

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As against one of the hostel rule and regulations in FUTA that opposite sex on visit in the hostels should vacate on or before 9pm every day and therefore none should be seen afterward. As contrary, it was reported as at this morning that a male appearance was seen around one of the hostels – Jibowu annex 3, around 2.30am for unknown intention(s), he was said to enter room 120 but wasn’t smart enough to have disturbed one of the female occupants who heard his creepy steps.

The occupant woke one of her roommates to inform her about the strange movement heard but the male figure had vanished on checking around. It was also reported that the guy tried entering the second time but as known of most females, they screamed out awaking others and the male escaped from blows, bites and slaps which he would have received if caught by the female folks.

In respect to this and in avoidance of re-occurrence of such incidence, the school authority should ensure active security around the hostels especially the open ones at night. The porters should also ensure they are at their point of duty when expected of them, after all, that is what they are being paid for.  Females should also ensure they keep their valuables locked up in their lockers and also their room doors locked all nights.