Today is Thursday and the music group, SYNC PARK CLAN a.k.a SPChas decided to treat their fans to good music released by artistes in the group in the past. Now, “in the past” means 2 years ago, 3 years ago and also as far back as 4 years ago. Cool right?

# SPCPLAYBACKTHURSDAYS, is an initiative from SPC that involves the group releasing past songs from every artiste in the group every Thursday up until the release of their sophomore album titled “THE PARK AFTER DARK” *dramatic drum rolls* interesting eh?

On today’s episode of SPC#SPCPLAYBACKTHURSDAYS, we are featuring a song by the artiste CIA titled “JENNY JENNY”. The song was recorded about three years ago, and according to eye witness report was trapped in the CLOSET, because most of us haven’t heard this song before. C.i.a’s voice sounds a bit different now if I might add...[would you say in a good way or otherwise], and I hear he featured the rapper Mitch on this one. The concept of the song is simple: *Spoiler alert* A lovesick guy, begging his dream girl to be the love of his life in a very comical way, then he…… Please just listen to the song.

Follow the link below to download this awesome retro track, comment below and don’t forget to follow SPC on twitter @Syncparkclan and on Instagram @Spcmedia and let them know what you think of the song.