The 4 Major Types Of “Yoruba Demons”

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They come in different shapes and sizes, terrorizing the hearts of young maidens. Here are the major types of Demons we have taken note of.
1. The Time Wasters
The most heartless group of the bunch; after dating a girl for 5+ years, they’ll (all of a sudden) have an epiphany that you’re not the right one for him.

Next thing you know, he’s getting married to a different girl the next week after the breakup.

2. The heart-breakers

These are probably the most popular out of the bunch. Heartbreaking is like a sport to them which brings intense thrill. If they haven’t broken a heart in a month they start to fall ill.

3. The Hit and Run Demons

These are the most despicable of the bunch because they first appear like your knight-in-shining-armour and then at the end they pretend not to have even met you. 

4. The ‘Now you see me, Now you don’t’ Demons

These demons are the most fun to be around, always up for a good time, always the life of the party. They are only available when it’s time for rocks but once you try to ask ‘what are we?’ they just ghost.