Such a long time I posted a letter, some still do though. Over time, posting letters have been replaced by text messages, calls, chats and even voice calls.

The use of letters and telegrams were commonly used then in the early 20's, mostly received by those abroad and also by the military men that do go on long journies to fight wars.

Letters then do take quite a long process, from composing a well-constructed formal or informal, to getting a stamp, registering processes and another two weeks before the receiver gets it but thanks to upgrade in information technology and the social platforms making things easy for all.

Social media seems to make us forget all we have learnt in school and appreciate less of our English teacher handiwork. We abbreviate anything and everything. Maybe it's one of the reasons why SSCE English questions seems difficult to pass.

According to the popular say and paraphrasing, ‘every good things has its own bad part'. Or in another way, 'every advantage has a disadvantage'. Media users rarely right in full words. We try to abbreviate even the simplest and unabbrevitable words. This in turn affects our spoken words and even our writing skills.

I agree with the fact that we do not need to write all words in full especially during a chat that requires prompt replies but as an educated fellow, lets learn to write the acceptable English words and not the overrated-but-not-acceptable ones. For instance, the word 'don’t' is an acceptable abbreviation for 'do not'. Write to convey your message perfectly.

Too much abbreviation makes one loose the flow in the chat especially when you can’t figure out what the person is trying to communicate. It's like writing for example, 'nilc', which might have different meanings in respect to differrent countries. In fact it looks like the trade name of a milk.  

Let's consider this statement 'u don odastand, leaf me alone. No wer arnd dis place as a wokin gen'.

The statement above looks like someone speaking pidgin and most of the words might be misinterpreted because they have their own meaning. E.g. wer (where), as (has).gen (might mean generation, generator, general). With this, you make such person ask over again about what you are trying to communicate therby stressing such person’s relaxing mood and bore such person.

Writing in full makes you communicate your information once and for all. Let's take the effort in writing in full so as not to get too use to it and forget the official use of words when we required to use it.