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All tend to look down on people who are into courses that seems irrelevant or lower than what they do but wait! Take a deep breath and a second and third thought about this. I'd like to go into summarizing two of such courses, making known some of my observations and knowledge about them.
       One of such so-called irrelevant courses is Fishery and Aquaculture Technology. It’s being studied in most technology universities and in some polytechnics. An average Nigerian eats fish as a source of protein to complement his high intake of carbohydrates. With the help of a well-trained aqua-culturist, we can have different species of fish, well groomed, fit and made available for consumption. 

Do you know this course also deals with establishment of tourist centers? Yes they do. An aqua-culturist is trained to have idea on how to make aquarium for beautification and for tourist centers which can be placed as an indoor or outdoor site for viewing ornamental fishes. Fishing games and sports are also some of the things they venture into. These are mostly seen in foreign movies but who says the market no go sell in Nigeria? Who says Nigerians do not know how to go out for treat and relaxation? Come off it and start acting like an educated fellow. I don't mind switching to this discipline if I have to.
    Have you ever watched Fine Living Network (FLN) on the satellite dish? There is an aspect of the show that deals with building of mobile houses, interior designs and renovation of houses. They mostly make use of wood tiles, wood doors and cabinets et cetera with different designs on them, these guys actually studied forestry and wood technology. I discovered that a well seasoned and well treated wood can last an average of 50 years. So, any money spent on wood product, for building especially, can never be a waste. Also, some forest products are good and better materials for drug production. Fruits gotten from forest are better off in terms of nutrient and in case you don't know, they are costly because they are not easily gotten, for example, blackberries, strawberries, rosehips, sloes and some others I believe you have never come across its name let alone the fruit and of course that is for minimal foresters available to take up the course and establish a reserve center mainly for the growth of these fruits. I strongly believe the cure for cancers and other deadly diseases lies in the forest. Discover it!
          Medicine is a good course, law is okay, engineering is not bad to go for but never you think agronomy, crop and soil sciences, meteorology, physics, geology, marine science and the likes of them are irrelevant. I see people trending towards such courses soon especially the agricultural related courses. These courses are highly appreciated abroad and they do strive in Nigeria too and ongoing to the best aspect of it. Take a daily tour to reading newspapers, magazine and surfing the internet, get advance knowledge on these courses before concluding your choice of discipline is better off.

        - Taiwo Uyi