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The human nature wants things done without stress nor sweat, but obviously, it doesn’t work that way. It takes a determined heart to push through the work-ditching attitude of the human. ‘man who no work, no go chop’. Even the full house-wives strive to put one and two together to make a whole.

People have different reasons for staying idle. Some are endowed with ideas but do lack the momentum to pull themselves together to do something significant, some in this category unfortunately lack the financial requirement to make things work. Some others have the financial means but are grossly in lack of viable idea into which to channel their resources productively and accountable. Some have both the finance and the ideas but are motivation-starved to work things out.

There are also some who are just being overly careful with risk taking, they have the fear that things might not work the way they intend and plan, forgetting that we don’t always have exactly what we want. Time management as become a burden to a whole lot of individuals.
Some physically challenged do see their disability as a great hindrance, yet, there still is 'ability' in 'disability' To some, they believe it’s their level of education that takes them to places. 

If there must be a scapegoat, someone on which to put the blame, on who are we to blame? Personality trait might have an influence on this, the government, environment, family, close friends and associates also, nevertheless. Religious bodies too have a contributing part to the situation but really, it all still weigh back on the one with the missing finger.
Asking him how he missed his finger, he narrated, it was his inability subject himself to necessary disciplinary measures, failure to fall in love with something that gladdens his heart. He furthermore mentioned how he always shift the blames whenever he fails and how he dreams of affluence and wealth but never did he know that they were all but dreams that do require efforts to make it come into materialization.

Entrepreneurship management is a course taken by all 300 level students of FUTA. Its aim is to encourage students to consider being self-reliant and to put their interests also into entrepreneurship and to encourage them in learning trades other than waiting for white-collar jobs after university first degree.
To get the missing finger fixed if in such dilemma and to prevent those still having all fingers intact from losing them, all hands must be on deck and not standing akimbo in long, frustrating and infertile hope, sitting all day and drinking from the dizzy stream of idleness. One must be diligence in whatever one find store do and deliberately engaged in.

Information is key, books that motivates, informs and bring out the best in us should be bought and read. So as not to be like a self-inflicted man with books within his reach that contains the things he needs to know in order to become successful but never buys nor open them.
Indolence (laziness) has to do with one’s inability to engage in critical and vital, necessary activities. Laziness is idleness at its peak. As they say, an idle hand is the devil's workshop. Start what you can with the little you have and make it grow.

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                                                                             WRITTEN BY: IYIOLA TAIWO