Face of the Week

Name; Adegboyega Oyetola     

level; 300 level.

Birthday; September 21.                         

Best color; blue and pink

Entrepreneurship management technology.

Relationship status; Single               

Describe your type of guy in three words; Tall (5'7 and above), fair in complexion and smart.         

Where i see myself in 5 years time - I see myself as one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the country and also one of the best in whatever I'll be doing.                                                     
My philosophy of life; Nothing lasts forever not even this life, so live it up and never have regrets.             

My best moment as a futarian; I'm yet to discover that.

Worst moment as a futarian; All the times I had lectures in ETF!!

One thing I'd like to change about FUTA is the transport system in favor of students staying in the hostel.