Face Of The Week

Name : Aminat Mimi Igiekhume
Level : 500level
Department : Biology
About 2 in a day
Birthday ; July 26th
Best Colour ; Black
Relationship status; Single
IG: @hrh_mims
Phone number; 07067637560
Where i see myself in 5 years time ;
Achieving my goals
Describe your type of guy in three words;  Caring, loyal and religious
Philosophy - You've have to be odd to be number one
Best Moment - the day i'll graduate
 I haven't really had a very bad day in this sch.. sincerely there's no Whr i'd rather be, I met a lot of awesome ppl
The thing i'd like to change is the branding of every student involved in extracurricular activities as being unserious and unfocused.
Advice: know what works for you and build on it.