Five things you did not know about Ezeugo Douglas Lilian carrying the Job placard

Lilian Chinyere Douglas-Ezeugo, the job placard carrying girl recently went viral after she took the bull by the horn and stood on a Lagos road, Ikoyi-Lekki bridge, seeking for a job. She got to meet Tony Elumelu and also the vice president of Nigeria, Yemi Osinabjo.

Here are five things you didn't know about her:

1. She was born Dec. 3rd, 1993.

2. She met with Tony Elumelu  but he did not give her a job!

"In the meeting, he asked me why i did what i did.  I told him that I didn't want to be among unemployed graduates and that was all. Though people started rumoring he gave me a job." she revealed.

3. Forte Oil has called her for a test.

4.  This is how she met with Osinbajo

 "Following that, I got an invite for a media forum with the Vice President. At the forum, we were given the opportunity to ask one question each. When it got to my turn, I asked him what plans the federal government have in preparing the teenagers and youth to overcome challenges of adulthood and what happens to youths without a purposeful mindset and are not mentally challenged, also those who are but do not have the support. "

5.  This is why she did what she did!

"I want people to understand that i did what i did to voice out. And that if nothing is done, it will get to a point where the youths will be involved in a violent protest. 
I would like 'Leadership and Purpose' to to be a module in schools but since it is not, i would like to organize sections with schools ranging from primary to university level introducing them to mind development courses, teaching them about leadership development, giving them a purposeful mindset that would make them meet their full potential. 
Imagine if school children and youths are developed socially, ethically, emotionally, physically and have cognitive competencies, they would be able to analyse their weakness and strength, set vocational goals, have self esteem, confidence, motivation and participate in community life, effect a positive change and serve as role models."