Nigeria named 4th most powerful military country in Africa.

Egypt has the most powerful military in Africa, followed by Algeria, Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa according to an index that has just been released by the Global Firepower (GFP) that measures a government’s military ...

Out of 30 African countries the GFP has been able to determine that Egypt as the leading country in Africa in military power and 12th out of 126 countries in the world. Egypt has the manpower, equipment which covers the air, land, naval power and the petroleum to sustain its army among other factors. Second in line is Algeria, followed by Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa.

6. Angola
7. Morocco
8. Sudan
9. Libya
10. Democratic Republic of the Congo
11. Kenya
12. Tunisia
13. Zimbabwe
14. Zambia
15. Chad
16. Uganda
17. Tanzania
18. South Sudan
19. Ghana
20. Cameroon
21. Mozambique
22. Niger
23. Ivory Coast
24. Mali
25. Madagascar
26. Gabon
27. Republic of the Congo
28. Namibia
29. Somalia
30. Central African Republic

The annual GFP index boasts of using an algorithm that attempts to provide a fair canvas that presents an unbiased ranking and realistic outlook on the conventional military firepower and strength of countries. Their system focuses on the diversity of weapons systems and provides bonuses and penalties for things like nuclear arms, diversity of force structures, and alliances (like NATO). The formula is interesting because it makes a smaller but more technologically advanced country competitive with larger militaries from less advanced countries.

The most powerful military in the world is the United States, followed by Russia, China, India and the UK. US has been the world’s strongest military since 1945.