Random Eyes

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First color that pops to your head....
Black- totally awesome!
Blue- let that color go, you're not 12 anymore
Green- you're color blind
White- you're cute
Yellow- why are you so happy
Indigo- you need to know other colors
Purple- you have so much joy in you
Red- you're most likely a fair person
Pink- you must be 7

The first color that pops into your head is believed to be the type of person you are. Uhn no, not really. Colors don't necessarily explain the type of person you are. I get the whole psychology of it all but you make who you are and no one else. Meaning you make you the type of person you are. Not colors, not anyone but you.

No one can sit in the driver's sit of your life(except you're a mommy's boy then that's an exception) and tell you how to live your life. They are back sit drivers and all those people that would be putting mouth in your driving(like they can drive any better) but they are still not you, the driver.

It's tiring when you hear peer pressure made you do this and that. I get it's not easy but bottom line is it comes down to you. You decided to do whatever it is you are doing. You decided to even be friends with them in the first place. So don't go crying around being dramatic. You don't sympathy that way, you get judgments. We all get tired of saying sorry, it takes energy and no one has that again. Take control of your life and stop being a cry baby. Don't live on the excuse that you were pushed, it's silly, really.

I'm telling you to live your life any how you want to live it but at the end you should take responsibility for your actions. You can do whatever it is you feel you want to do but don't blame it on anyone in the end. Live it with no regrets but always make sure you know that if you end up having any it's on you. You and no one else.