Random Eyes

Love through my eyes👀
Love. That tiny little word means so much more than you can imagine. There's no way I can explain it even if I try. Love through my tiny teenage mind is something I can't define. It is the fact that we think someone means the whole world to us. It's us thinking without that person the sun won't shine. I'm tired of giving illustrations you get what I mean.

It's really annoying when 'old people' go all,  "do you have a boyfriend?", "ain't you too young?" blah blah blah. Is it that they expect you to be thinking about marriage before you are in a relationship? Or you should have no experience what so ever?. But we forget that they are just looking out for us. But they also forget that we are old enough to think and we need to make some mistakes.

So many of us actually(surprisingly) get what it's about. What we fail to get is the right people to stress those feelings on.
We end up with crappy people who don't deserve all the time and energy we waste on them. That's where the fact that we don't think first or we are not yet emotionally ready comes in.

The people we end up with are sometimes the best thing that could happen to us but sometimes they are not. That's when you have the likes of the cheaters, the gold diggers, the liars, the so called players and so on. Those people exist in life to give us a better understanding of how the world works. Don't because of them stop living your life or try to love other people. Doing that would mean they have won. Bottomline is you should end up with someone that makes you happy and if it ends up not working out, simple, try again. Either with that same person or someone else. Your happiness is the end goal.