18 Phrases That Will Confuse You If You’re Not Nigerian

The unintentional sequel to  ‘A List of Some of Our Favorite Nigerianisms‘.

1. “Show you pepper.”

face aku
A Nigerianism for hot revenge, basically.

2. “Dress for me.”

A Nigerianism that really just means ‘move or shift’.

3. “Hear the smell.”

confuse man
Bruh, how do you “hear” smell?

4. “I’m coming.”

kim bye
It’s extra confusing because they say it while they are leaving.

5. “How market?”

face smile
A Nigerianism for “how’s life?”

6. “Lying on me.”

They actually mean lie ‘against’ me.

7. “Siddon there.”

They really mean “don’t dull yourself”.

8. “Dey your lane.”

stay in your lane
A Nigerianism for ‘mind your business’.

9. “Shine your eye.”

A  Nigerianism for ‘don’t be naive’.

10. “Fall my hand.”

fall my hand
A Nigerianism for ‘let me down’.

11. “Before nko?”

eddy face face
A Nigerianism for ‘what did you expect?’

12. “If I hear.”

if i hear
They actually mean it’s impossible.

13. “If you like, don’t…”

mother look
It may sound like a suggestion, but it’s not. They mean you better do it.

14. “It’s not your fault.”

Don’t fall for it. They mean it’s actually your fault.

15. “Is it fair?”

is it fair
A rhetorical Nigerianism for ‘it’s not fair’.

16. “How far?”

Businesswoman standing on a ladder looking through binoculars --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
It’s not a measure of distance, it’s a Nigerianism for ‘how are you?’

17. “Who sent you message?”

A Nigerianism for ‘nobody asked you to do that’.

17. “Come and Be Going”

Image result for Go Gesture
A Nigerianism for  "pls leave, you are no longer needed"