19 Problems Nigerians Students must have Encounted while in Sec School

1. When you thought English was going to be your best subject.

kevin smile
Something you’ve been speaking since you were a kid. Should be easy!

2. When your teacher asks you to write an essay on how you spent your last holiday and you have to write about all the places you’ve never been to.

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“I went to Jamaica with my family…”

3. When you see “write a letter to the local government chairman of your community…” on your question paper.

What’s this nonsense?

4. When you ask your classmates to explain something to you and they’re speaking big grammar.

stress kermit
Shoot me please!

5. You, trying to understand the point of those summary passages.

Still don’t know the point.

6. When you still can’t differentiate between ‘its’ and ‘it’s’.

phaedra-parks-confused face
See my life!

7. You trying to pronounce words like “discombobulate” correctly.

strong face
I must not disgrace my ancestors.

8. When you try to read the newspapers to improve your English and see ‘words’ like “feedbacks”.


9. The main reason you hated English Language in school.

Is it not just ordinary ‘love’ we are talking about again?

10. When you try to form big grammar and end up shelling terribly.

I don mess up.

11. You when you try to say the ‘th’ in ‘mother’ and ‘they’ correctly.

So much stress.

12. When someone still comes to say you can’t use ‘will’ and ‘would’ whenever you like.

face attitude

13. You trying to understand the difference between American English, British English and Nigerian English:

Nigerians and ‘short knicker’.

14. You trying to remember “I before E except after C”.

confused michael
‘Receive’, ‘believe’ etc…I’m still confused abeg.

15. When they ask you to write an essay that ends with ‘it was the most unforgettable experience of my life’.

Can you not stress me?

16. “House is to houses, but Mouse is to mice”.

stress look

17. When you hear that the plural of ‘chief’ is ‘chiefs’ but the plural of ‘thief’ is ‘thieves’.

confused and stressed
What is all this?

18. When you still don’t get an A in English after all the wahala.

crying waje
The shame.

19. This perfect example of why English is just stress abeg.

ghoti is fish