#AGBAJOOWO16 Bloggers Interactive Session with Boye Oyewumi

Bloggers interaction session with Boye Oyewumi #AGBAJOOWO16
A governorship aspirant from APC in Ondo state.
Those present on the high table: DG of the campaign, Aspirant, Head of electronic media, and Head of campaign.
DG of the campaign started with an opening speech, first praised the bloggers (media experts). Then moved on to say that the younger generation needs to be given more room to express themselves and that they are a major part of this election process. He then pointed out some issues which they plan to tackle such as the bursary. He then went on to list some of their achievements which they have made so far. He also stated that they need more of integrity, honesty. He also could not over emphasize the need of the social media to create a buzz for the fan base.

Some of their targets include the need to gain significant fan base from the primaries.  
The aspirant then took it up from there. He started by saying he is not just a youth like us but also in looks. He stated that the system needed to be cleansed of the rot in it. He also stated his goals and objectives.
He stated that the system needed more focus from the youth. He then listed the average age of some of the youthful states such as Calabar, Enugu, Niger, etc. which all have young leaders. He also said he has come out a bit old because of his age and he doesn’t know why the states come out with old aspirants then play gimmicks and make the population vote.

He said that a person cannot serve whole heartedly if he is not hungry to do so. He painted himself as the David of Ondo state, that there is always a David which comes out late but have more vision to provide more to their environment. He gave an illustration: “ young folks have cool gadgets, cloths, shoes, if any of these things get misplaced or stolen, it can be replaced easily but if a bad governor gets voted in, the masses will have to suffer for 4 years because a government cannot be changed so easily.”

He said he has plans to set up job centers, skills acquisition centers, entrepreneur centers not just for jobs but for skilled jobs because the nation isn’t in lack of jobs but in lack of skilled jobs.

He gave examples of states which have vision such as Calabar who was once a low ranked state but now have the 3rd biggest carnival in the country, TINAP, Obudu Cattle Ranch.. all this which bring revenue to not just the state but to the country as a whole.
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Question and Answer session
A blogger pinpointed that the fresh ideas which the aspirant has been emphazing about hasn’t been projected out in his media campaigns, for example some of the pictures used as background are images from other known states such as Lagos and Calabar. He then suggested that the aspirants should work more on his projection of his fresh ideas through photo shot show casing Ondo state more in his projections.
Another asked where the bloggers and social media team come into the whole campaign especially when the bulk of the vote will come from delegates. The aspirant then said that the bulk of the fan base is needed from the young folks, so we are needed to help gain recognition among the younger generation showing him off as a youth person. This will help in his mileage.   

He then said that he doesn’t want to be a governor of the youth but a governor for all, meaning that youths cannot be youths forever because they will eventually age after sometime. So if he is youth governor only, what will then happen to the older folks?

He then said that the entrepreneur skills will be enforced in school curriculum starting from the primary school up till the university level.

He was asked what he has set up or done for the state and a country in whole. He said if he was to start bragging about what he had done or achieved he would look more like someone who didn’t have a good home training and this wouldn’t speak well of him. But he said a charity foundation had been set up for more than two decades to help the not the just Ondo state but to help the nation as a whole. 

The session was closed with a word of prayer and then a picture session with the aspirant.