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HAPPINESS in definition, disregarding its dictionary meaning, differs from one folk to the other. It cross checks questions regarding what makes you happy or what dilute sadness in you. Happiness result into joy, peace of mind and smiles even if nothing physical results into that.

One can actually stay indoor 24hours with just their happiness definition keeping them company.

Happiness is very important and essential to health and well-being. Look at a child putting on smiles and bumbling with smiles and gladness at the site of their mothers. This makes me remember a song by 'Kirk franklin titled 'I Smile'. One of the lyrics line read 'you look so much better when you smile'. Smile is an expression of happiness.

According to statistical analysis, 90% of human find happiness in listening to music, solemn music especially. Reading can also generate happiness in some others, also, the company with relations also agitate happiness, and this is one of the things that give festive season meaning and sense of celebration.
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Sadness is not a good thing at all, I don't want to experience it again and I do not wish for you too. It makes one's body look old, wrinkle and hard irrespective of the facial and body creams used. That guy- 'sadness' is such a wicked thing.

Some students had already checked their results and it seems they do not have reasons to smile, cheer up and put on a smile. It's a little determinant to your being successful. I do not understand you will say? Of course, I do. Re-running a course and experiencing stresses involved all over again, the pain of missing an opportunity because you do not merit the CGPA required for it and all that. I understand it all but I still tell you to keep happiness alive in you.
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Do things that make you put on a smile just like a beautiful baby will do even if the world is not smiling at you, be happy always and stag put that way even if condition doesn't allow it.  

              Written by: Iyiola Taiwo