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Have you ever tried wearing your favorite dinner gown as a female or your body-hug or shirts as male and with your protruding tummy distorting the cloth shape?

It’s embarrassing and frustrating right?

Right before I move, I will like to ask you this:
Do you know your body shape, what to wear per time and how to wear it?
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Knowing your body shape either as a male, a female, a fashionista or as a fashion designer is one of the basis in having that dream style well designed and constructed for you. Further to this, keeping your natural body shape is as essential as knowing it. It helps you rock your style so well!


You won’t also have to waste time trying all clothes in the shopping mall before you finally go for one you can manage. The male body shape includes, ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph while for the females apple shaped, spoon/pear shaped, banana shaped, hour-glass shape.
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As a student, you just have to follow the dress-rules for the week, you just need to be right on point every now and then.

MONDAY- it’s the beginning of another week, you can’t afford to wear slippers and other informal dressings to class or work for crying out loud. Check your clothing collections for cooperate outfit plus your shoes basically and maybe sandals.

TUESDAY:  the week is still fresh and outfits which are near cooperate but not full cooperates wears are worn on this day.

WEDNESSDAY: This is a slay day, this is a day you put on your sneakers, tee-tops, jeans and all other informal and casual outfit.

THURDAY: Thursday is known as a day of the week with no much work, classy outfit are worn on this day.

FRIDAY: In Nigeria, Friday is meant for native attires and it has been endorsed even by the cooperate bodies.

These rules might not work all the time especially in schools where they have dress codes for the week, also, your appointment per time also affect what you wear.

                                                       Written by: Iyiola Taiwo