Contrary to the norm at The Federal University of Technology, Akure where shuttle fare is 20 naira tro and fro, increase in fuel price and also economic melt-down affected the driver's decision to inflate the price to 30 naira tro and 20 naira from school.

This, the drivers find difficult to continue because it doesn't bring much profit according to the report from them. The driver's decision affected transportation from the school and students had to struggle for the few available buses or beg those with personal cars to lift them. FUTATODAY gathered that the main reason for this is the fact that drivers bringing empty buses to school and staying for turn at the SUB park reduces their profit.

The Student Union Government took up fighting for the student yesterday, 9th of June with operation #boyscottshuttle #trek. This was a wise step but they failed to compliment this with an alternative step in place of students trekking. They prevented the shuttles from working until they meet with the demand of bringing the prices back to the initial price of 20 naira tro and fro or make from South gate 30 and from school 20 naira.

During the time of reporting, some students expressed their unacceptance of what SUG is doing because of inconveniences experienced yesterday, some said they had to trek which resulted to aches. Some were displeased they missed some aspects of their day's lectures, some kept sleeping during classes due to the stressfrom havinv to walk to class and some others concerned about the extra amount they had to put down for transportation passing through North gate to school.

FUTATODAY hope the SUG plan will work out effectively and bring all things to normal soonest, we also implore students to cooperate with them as they fight for them.