Moments with Tolu

Good day peeps, I would be dropping a series  on low self esteem syndrome. Stay tuned  and try not to miss any.

Series 1

I've always been a very introverted  person who takes strength  from my privacy.  I love it when I'm  all  by myself because I get a couple  of things  done. I've always thought that was the reason for my low self esteem.

Until I met a friend of mine who is more introverted  than I am who has a great  level of high self esteem and can as well speak in  public.  Also, he love himself as he is. I met another extroverted friend who has same issue as mine. (low self esteem syndrome).  Then  I concluded  that low self esteem is not an issue  of temperament.

I always  tell myself that  I'm not good  enough, each time I'm dressed  for an outing and I see anyone  I admire, I tell myself "I can't speak to anyone  because they are better dressed than me and much better than  I am".

To make matter worse, I surrounded  myself with people  who hardly  see anything good  about  me, they made me see my weaknesses more than  my strengths, they look  into  my eyes  and tell me no one  would ever listen  to me when I speak.  They told me  I would forever  be a loner. Each  time I make a mistake  or say a blunder, they would mock me for a whole week or give me names and that made me keep more to myself  and I went through this for a couple  of years before  help got  to me

So now, what's the help?????......
Stay tuned........
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