Moments with Tolu

Series 2 (low self esteem syndrome)

The first help I got was from within. He said to me in a small calm voice "Tolu, why  pretend to be who you are not? People have no choice than  to love you"

Ohh,  I forgot to add, I took someone else's life, and I forgot to me.  I always  try to please everyone, I find it hard saying "NO"  because I felt I was being rude by saying No.  I was so filled with  negativity and my heart always pound so fast each time am around  people all because I don't want to make mistakes and so they could accept me.  I became too self conscious.

The second help I got was that I became  a best friend to myself and the Holy Spirit  became my companion.  I began to tell  myself  every morning "You must be the woman God created you to  be".  I wrote down everything I love doing and what I wanted  to become.

Further more, I embraced the person I am and appreciated the people on my life,starting from my family, friends, neighbors, Lodge mates, aunts, uncles, cousins etc.

Everyone began to matter to me.  I appreciated God for bringing them into my life and that gave me peace and  hope.
I also started opening  my arms to accept friendship and that worked like a healing balm. 

I then activated my life my making new good habits and dropping the old ones.  The habits brought me great fortunes and opportunities. Stay tuned to know the habits I formed.

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